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When you have been wrongfully convicted of
a crime or seriously injured by a defective
product, you may feel invisible. Mueller Law Firm, we make sure your voice is heard.

Attorney Wolfgang Mueller

Helping The Wrongfully Convicted Get The Financial Compensation They Deserve

Our clients to date have served over 200 years on wrongful convictions.

You can never get back the time you spent in prison for a crime you did not commit. But your long road back to freedom doesn’t end with your exoneration – you can seek justice for your wrongful conviction and incarceration by filing a civil lawsuit for monetary damages.

At Mueller Law Firm, we represent people whose civil rights have been violated by law enforcement and the criminal justice system. For over 25 years, our firm has been committed to fighting for justice for those who have been mistreated and bullied by those in power. If you or a loved one was wrongly convicted for a crime committed by someone else, we can help you seek financial compensation for the time you unfairly lost in prison.

wrongful convictions
Wrongful Convictions
product liability
Product Liability


dram shop settlement for a woman who suffered a brain injury


verdict for a pedestrian who suffered shoulder and neck injuries when


settlement for a woman who was paralyzed in a head-on crash

Helping You Make Up
For Lost Time

Throughout Michigan and the entire Midwest, clients know they can depend on Mueller Law Firm to protect their rights. With more than a quarter century of experience in the law, we have the knowledgeable legal judgment you can count on in wrongful conviction cases involving:

  • Police misconduct
  • False witness identification
  • Coerced confessions
  • False crime lab test results
  • Pivotal DNA evidence
  • Improperly collected evidence

Our founding attorney, Wolfgang Mueller, has been selected to Super Lawyers each year since 2012, has a background in engineering and possesses a black belt in martial arts. Our legal judgment – coupled with our background in analyzing data and fighting strategically to win – means we can advise you intelligently and comprehensively. Now is the time to fight back and get the compensation you deserve for the time taken from you by the system.

“Fighting For Justice”


Mr. Mueller represented my family in a home insurance denial. It was a long and disheartening process to find the right person to represent my family. His expertise in both law and engineering was perfectly suited for the case. Mr. Mueller was a pleasure to work with and his communication through the process was enlightening. He was not afraid to take risks and his work paid off with a favorable outcome. I can’t speak more highly of Wolf and we appreciate his hard work and dedication to our family.
– Becky Nix

As a defense attorney, I’ve litigated several matters with Wolfgang Mueller. His knowledge of the law and litigation ability makes him a formidable adversary. What sets him apart is his determination, professionalism and the honorable manner that he vigilantly pursues each case for his clients.
– Doug Young, Wilson Young Costello, PLC

After our accident we were left not knowing who to turn to or how to navigate these waters. We were lucky to have gotten connected with Wolf and his team. They were informative and helpful but more importantly truthful and empathetic. We walked away feeling we were treated with respect and our judgement was fair.
– Meaghan Sharpe

You can rest assured once Wolf and the Mueller Law Firm is on the job for you or a loved one. They bring a commitment and dedication to service along with Wolf’s years of experience and knowledge. He actually cares about the client behind the case.
– Jeff Latham (former client)

In my 34 years in prison for first degree murder on a life sentence, I have had 16 attorneys. Some good some bad. But one of the best was and remains Wolfgang Mueller. His commitment to justice, knowledge of the law, and humanitarian spirit is what impressed me the most. He always tells me the truth, even if it’s something I don’t want to hear, which is why I have such great respect for him. Standing next to him, at the moment he helped me get my murder conviction dismissed, was one of the finest moments of my life and words cannot begin to fully express my gratitude and appreciation. Every time I see him, he provides invaluable knowledge and wisdom to keep me focused and centered. His sense of ethics is something I wish all lawyers had.
– Darrell Siggers

Helping Those Who Have Been Injured By Defective Products

Have you or a loved one been injured by an e-cigarette device that exploded or caught fire? The lithium batteries that power these devices – usually manufactured in China – are often defectively designed and manufactured, which causes them to overheat and explode like a small bomb. The injuries caused by these defective devices can be devastating both physically and financially.

At Mueller Law Firm, we will make your voice heard. We make it our job to fight for the answers you deserve and the compensation you need. We will seek justice for you and, in the process, help prevent serious injuries from happening to others in the future.

Learn more about how we can help you by contacting us for a free consultation. Call 248-489-9653 today or send us a message online. From our office in Novi, we proudly help the wrongfully convicted and seriously injured throughout metro Detroit, the state of Michigan and the entire Midwest.

Attorney Wolfgang Mueller
Wolfgang Mueller

Wolfgang Mueller has been licensed as an attorney since 1990. He is the owner of Mueller Law Firm in Novi, Michigan. Prior to that time, he was an automotive engineer for Chrysler Corporation involved in the design and development of automotive restraint systems…

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Super Lawyers
Super Lawyers

We Can Help Rewrite Your Future. With Over 25 Years Of Experience, Our Dedicated Team Can Help You Get The Financial Compensation You Deserve For An Unlawful Conviction Or A Personal Injury Caused By A Defective Product.