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What are some of the reasons for wrongful convictions?

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2017 | Firm News, Wrongful Conviction

Wrongful convictions are possible. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system isn’t perfect. This means that innocent people might spend time behind bars for something they truly didn’t do.

There are many reasons for wrongful convictions. If you know that you are innocent and in jail or know someone in that predicament, you should study up on the reasons for wrongful convictions so you can figure out if one applies to the case.

Does science ever lead to wrongful convictions?

Some concepts that are touted as scientific might lead to wrongful convictions. Oftentimes, the forensics process plays a part in this issue. Forensics professionals might even testify in a case using an unproven scientific concept instead of basing testimony on well-proven facts.

How can witness testimony lead to wrongful conviction?

Some witnesses can misidentify participants in a crime. This is something that is more common than many people might realize. In the stress that occurs during a crime, the witness might not fully see the person in a memorable way. Sometimes, suggestive methods lead a person to identify a person who wasn’t present in the crime. All of these instances can lead to the wrong person being convicted.

Can a confession lead to a wrongful conviction?

Some wrongful convictions are based on false confessions. These can be difficult to overcome, but it isn’t unheard of. A false confession is especially common when officials use hard pressure techniques to try to coerce a confession out of a person.

Police misconduct and inadequate representation can also lead to wrongful convictions. People who have experienced these factors should explore their options for handling the case.

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