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Traffic fatalities on the rise in Michigan

On Behalf of | May 23, 2017 | Car Accidents, Firm News

According to the Michigan State Police, traffic deaths throughout the state remain a major problem. For the second year in a row, traffic fatalities have increased 10 percent. This time around, fatalities increased to 1,064 in 2016 from 963 the previous year. The last time the number of fatalities exceeded 1,000 was 2007.

Unfortunately, this is not the only problem facing the state in regards to motor vehicle accidents. The overall number of accidents, injuries and serious injuries also increased in 2016.

— Accidents were up 5 percent

— Injuries were up 8 percent

— Serious injuries were up 16 percent

While all of these numbers are scary, there were some positives last year. For example, the number of alcohol related traffic fatalities decreased 11 percent to 271.

The director of the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning added the following: “Some trends are emerging, especially with regard to drug-impaired traffic deaths, and our office is aligning resources accordingly.”

Despite the fact that the state is taking steps to fight against these trends, nothing changes the fact that Michigan’s roadways remain dangerous.

At our law firm, we regularly hear from people who were injured in a motor vehicle accident. Just the same, we often hear from people who lost a loved one in a crash.

If you are injured in a Michigan car accident, don’t hesitate to seek medical treatment. From there, turn your attention to your legal rights. If somebody else was responsible for causing the accident, you may be able to file a lawsuit with the idea of receiving compensation.