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Car accident injures 11 Michigan teens

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2017 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Car accidents make the headlines all the time. Many of them are simple fender benders resulting in only minor injuries. However, one recent car accident in Macomb Township left 11 teenagers with injuries, many of them very severe.

According to reports, a silver Saturn Ion containing five teens was struck from behind by a purple Chevy Silverado containing six teens, two of them in the bed of the pickup. The force of the collision drove the Ion into incoming traffic where a white Silverado struck it again.

Two of the teens inside the Ion were ejected from the car and the two teens in the bed of the purple Silverado were also ejected. Reports indicate that the youth driving the purple truck had dropped his cellphone and reached down to retrieve it. By the time he looked up again, it was too late to avoid striking the Ion, which had stopped to make a turn.

Three of the youths riding in the silver car were taken to a hospital in critical condition. Reported injuries suffered in the car accident include broken bones, a fractured skull and facial injuries so severe reconstructive surgery will be required. The report does not say whether the 64-year-old driver of the white Silverado suffered any injuries.

Michigan car accidents that result in so many horrific injuries always make the news. Hopefully, these news stories will encourage motorists of all ages to practice caution while behind the wheel. Victims left with critical injuries after a car accident can seek legal assistance to decide how best to move forward in the aftermath.

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