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Products must contain appropriate warnings

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2017 | Firm News, Products Liability

How many people take the time to read each warning on products that they buy? If your answer to this is that you never read those warnings, you might need to think again about that decision.

The safety warnings on the products for sale, from electronics to toys, are there for an important reason. They let you know what you should and shouldn’t do with the product. In fact, these warnings can often help to prevent accidents, which is their primary purpose.

Manufacturers don’t include these warnings just because they want to make the owner’s manual for their product as thick as possible. Instead, they include them so that they can protect themselves from lawsuits if a person using their product is injured.

When a manufacturer doesn’t include all of the appropriate warnings, which can include failing to tell people not to use an electrically-powered product in the bathtub, the manufacturer can face a lawsuit based on the a defect in warnings if a person gets hurt. This is an important consideration if you are injured while using a product.

If you do find that there weren’t sufficient warnings about the issue that led to your injury and you choose to seek compensation, you will have to show what happened. You will also need to show the damages that you suffered because of this issue.

The damages that you suffer can extend from the medical bills you have because of the injury through the amount in lost wages you have. It is imperative that you consider any damages that you might suffer in the future because of the accident when you are determining the damages you need to include in your claim.

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