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Defects in manufacturing: things to know

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2017 | Firm News, Products Liability

Even the most well-designed products can cause a consumer injury. This is often the result of defects in manufacturing.

There are many examples of defects in manufacturing, such as a prescription drug bottle that becomes contaminated before leaving the processing plant.

Known as product liability law, consumers have legal rights in the event that a defective product injures them. If successful with his or her lawsuit, a consumer can receive compensation for medical bills, continuing care and lost wages among other damages.

Although manufacturing defects are not common, defective products do slip through the cracks every now and again. If you were injured by such a product, it’s your job to prove that the defect exists.

In an ideal situation, you would be able to preserve the defective product as evidence. However, this is not always possible, such as in the event of an implanted medical device or a piece of a vehicle (after a crash).

At our law firm, we know that defects in manufacturing can cause a variety of problems. We also know the challenges associated with proving this in the court of law. Fortunately, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to help our clients come out on top.

When you buy a product, you assume that it’s completely safe to use in the intended manner. You don’t expect a manufacturing defect to come into play, thus causing an injury.

If this happens, receive medical care and then learn more about the product that caused your injury. This could lead you to file a product liability lawsuit.

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