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Victim of wrongful conviction now the victim of a police shooting

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2017 | Firm News, Wrongful Conviction

A Detroit teenager was the victim of a wrongful conviction and served almost nine years in jail before he was released — the charges against him all dismissed.

Then he sued the city and the police officers that mishandled his case for sending an innocent 15-year-old kid to jail after he was picked up and interrogated about the murders of four men.

Whatever the facts, it is known that the man who confessed to the murders sits behind bars in a different prison and a police officer lied under oath about a sketch supposedly made by the teenager of the crime scene as part of his confession — a sketch the police actually drew themselves.

Now, that same victim of a coerced confession and false conviction has grown into a young man — one without prospects, few abilities to become gainfully employed and a desperate need for long-term therapy to recover from what he’s suffered at the hands of police and from spending much of his young life in prison.

Somehow, less than a year after being released and only shortly after his lawsuit was filed against the police and the city, this young man, now aged 24, has once again become a victim at the hands of the police — only this time, he’s been shot in the leg.

Police are not divulging much information about the shooting — except to say that the victim was “uncooperative” with the police and that there’s a lot unknown about the incident.

It’s hard to imagine that anyone in that young man’s position would feel particularly cooperative with officers — especially since the last time he cooperated, it cost him nine years of his life.

Incidents like this show why it’s important to have an attorney with you when you interact with police if there’s any question at all that you might be a suspect. While many police officers are honest and would never coerce a confession, others are blinded by their desire for a conviction and carry their prejudices with them to work.

Since you have no way of knowing who you are dealing with, the best way to avoid a wrongful conviction is to have an experienced attorney by your side at all times.

Source: The Detroit News, “Detroit, cops sued over wrongful murder conviction,” Oralandar Brand-Williams, Sep. 18, 2017