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Criminal appeals: Winning is possible

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2017 | Firm News

After a conviction for any type of crime, it’s easy to believe that you are out of options. Unfortunately, many people assume that it’s time to give up and deal with the consequences, even if they are innocent.

You don’t want to go down this path until you first consider all your options. For example, you need to learn more about criminal appeals, including what this entails and your options for moving forward.

In addition to filing an appeal with the idea of having your conviction overturned, you may be able fight for a reduced sentence. Either way, your goal is to better your situation.

Can you win an appeal?

There are a lot of people who assume that winning an appeal is a long shot. While there is no denying the many challenges associated with this, it’s not out of the question.

With an appeal, it’s up to you and your legal team to prove that some type of error occurred that impacted the outcome of your case.

In the event of a successful appeal, the best possible outcome is the reversal of the original conviction. While rare, it’s not out of the question for this to happen.

Even if there is no reversal, it’s possible to fight for a sentence reduction. This is most often likely if the original sentence was not in line with legal guidelines.

Don’t give up

A conviction has a way of taking the air out of your sails. During your trial, you felt good about your ability to prove your innocence. However, if this doesn’t happen, you can easily get down on yourself and wonder what the future will bring.

Giving up isn’t your only option, with the ability to file an appeal something you should consider.

By knowing your legal rights, it’s much easier to formulate a plan for moving forward. There’s a lot that goes into filing an appeal, but the work that you put in up front can go a long way in helping your situation in the future.