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Detroit man awarded $1 million for wrongful murder conviction

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2018 | Firm News, Wrongful Conviction

Earlier this month, a judge awarded a Detroit man $1 million after spending 25 years in prison as the result of a wrongful murder conviction.

Last year, tests shows that the bullets used in the murder did not match the gun that was presented during the trial.

The man’s attorney, Wolf Mueller, made it clear that he was happy with the outcome, but only to a certain extent:

“Desmond appreciates that there’s a law that gives him some money for his wrongful conviction, but it’ll never give him back those years he spent in prison.”

Now that the case has come to a completion at the state level, the man and his legal team are moving forward with a federal lawsuit against police officers, with the idea of proving that they fabricated evidence as to make a conviction.

Even though the 51-year-old man was just awarded the money, he was released from prison in May of 2017. At that time, he shared the following statement:

“I’ve got no time to be bitter at anybody. There’s no excuse for what they did, but I have to move on.”

Despite the fact that he was recently awarded $1 million, his legal team feels that he should receive an additional $216,000, which will lead to an appeal in the near future.

The state of Michigan has taken a big step forward with its law that provides compensation to people who are wrongly convicted. This can go a long way in helping a person get his or her life back on track, especially if they’ve spent time in prison.

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