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Man charged with murder for tasing teen on all-terrain vehicle

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2018 | Firm News, Police Misconduct

A Michigan State Police officer pulled out his stun gun, also called a Taser, and shot a teenage suspect while he was on an all-terrain vehicle. The ATV crashed and the teen was killed.

The man is now facing murder charges. New reports show that this wasn’t the first questionable incident involving the officer. A few months before it happened, the officer also used his stun gun, and the police attempted to suspend him for his actions. They were not able to do so.

The previous incident, which happened in 2016, involved a man who had already been handcuffed. He then tried to run from the police, and the officer pulled out his Taser and fired it twice. The state police department did not agree with his actions and sought a 10-day suspension.

However, an arbitrator did not let that suspension go through, saying there was not any “just cause” to discipline the man.

Moreover, a similar incident happened back in 2014. According to reports, in that case the officer also fired his stun gun at a handcuffed suspect, and the department attempted to suspend him for five days. He apparently agreed to it, but the department eventually dropped four days. He only served a one-day suspension.

That 2014 incident was the first misconduct case of the man’s career. Obviously, that track record is now raising some serious questions since the man was involved in the deadly incident with the ATV and is facing murder charges.

The police are supposed to uphold the law and keep the public safe, but that doesn’t mean they’re above the law. Those who have been victimized by law enforcement must know all of the legal options at their disposal.

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