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July 2018 Archives

High number of food recalls strike fear in consumers

The news of many food recalls is leaving people scrambling wondering if they are going to ingest something that might harm them. In recent days, there have been recalls of items due to concerns of salmonella. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning consumers that more of these are likely going to be forthcoming in the upcoming days due to the source of potential contamination. In these cases, the recalls are being done out of an abundance of caution, but the situation is still scary nonetheless.

Section 1983 applies to police officers and jailers alike

Many people haven't ever heard of a Section 1983 lawsuit until they have to launch one themselves or know someone who files one. This is a section of the law that sets standards for filing a lawsuit for police misconduct. There are some very important points in this area of the law that anyone who has been or currently is in police custody.

Warnings on products must be present and adequate

Products with known dangers should be sold with instructions that contain warnings. Even something as simple as the small building blocks that hurt when you step on them should have a choking warning on them. But, what happens when these warnings aren't present or appropriate?

Manufacturing defects can sometimes be very serious

Products that make it to store shelves or showrooms should be safe for consumers to use as intended. There are instances in which even the safest concept might not be as free from harm as what you might think. In some cases, defects in manufacturing might present hazards to consumers that nobody is aware of.

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