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Electronic cigarette explosions can lead to serious injuries

When they first came on the market, electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, were touted as a safer alternative to regular cigarettes. Unfortunately, this seems to have led some individuals to believing that there weren’t any risks with these devices.

To recognize one of the biggest hazards that come with these vaping devices, you don’t even have to delve into the ingredients in the cartridges. You only need to know how they operate–or, in some cases, how they don’t operate correctly. Here are a few important points about e-cigs that every consumer should know:

How these devices work

E-cigarettes heat up a liquid to the point that it produces a vapor that the user inhales. The process is powered by lithium ion batteries, which have a high risk of exploding. The impacts of an exploding vaping device can be devastating.

Lithium ion batteries are used in other devices, such as cellphones. There are two unique dangers with using them in e-cigs. First, the cylindrical shape of the device leaves weak points at the ends. When the battery fails, there is an increased risk that the entire e-cig will explode. When this happens, it can become a flying projectile, which some people have compared to a bullet. This means that the current user isn’t the only person who might suffer an injury when there is an explosion.

Second, the battery is located in close proximity to the element that heats the liquid. This adds more heat to a battery that already has a tendency to become overheated. Fires can erupt from the battery in situations like this.

Possible injuries

Many different injuries can occur when the device explodes. Reports of broken bones, severe burns and knocked out teeth are common. The type and severity of the injuries can depend on what the user is doing at the time of the explosion.

A person who is in the middle of vaping can suffer from holes in the roof of the mouth or the tongue. One young man who ended up with the hole in the roof of his mouth as a result of an e-cig explosion had to be placed on a ventilator and has difficulties eating.

Another man ended up with a fractured vertebra, which had the potential of leading to permanent paralysis, when the e-cig he was using exploded. Facial fractures and eye injuries are also possible.

The aftermath of e-cig explosions

The victims of these explosions often find themselves in the hospital for medical care. This is an expensive endeavor for a person who trusted that the e-cig manufacturers would produce a safe product.

People who are injured in these events might opt to seek compensation for their injuries. These cases can be complex, but they are very important for consumers who have suffered greatly.