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Racial profiling is more than an inconvenience

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2018 | Firm News, Wrongful Conviction

News stories are coming out on a regular basis that show people of color being profiled just because of their race. The stories of “Barbecue Becky” and “Poolside Patty” are just two examples of the many innocent situations that have led to people calling the police on individuals based on their race.

Unfortunately, racial profiling isn’t something that only the general public is guilty of. Police officers and even private security guards sometimes have a tendency to harass people of color without any lawful basis. These individuals have to deal with interrogations, searches or detentions that are illegal, which is frightening and embarrassing.

There are times when the racial profiling goes even deeper than just being harassment. In some cases, people are arrested and held in jail or face criminal charges that they never should have been dealing with. Activities like barbecuing, cutting the grass and studying have been at the center of these cases. Sadly, these might even result in wrongful convictions that can change the person’s life dramatically.

Some people might think that these events are limited only to African-American individuals. This isn’t the case. Hispanic people, Native Americans and other races are also being subjected to atrocious behavior. When this leads to a criminal matter, the person who was profiled might opt to take civil action that could result in them receiving compensation.

It is important for everyone in this country to know that they do have rights. The Constitution provides everyone equal rights, including the right to avoid unlawful searches and seizures and the right to be free of harassment. When your fundamental rights are violated, you likely have legal actions that you might pursue.