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Mueller Law Firm in the News

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2018 | Firm News

Two Mueller Law Firm clients, Ledura Watkins and Darrell Siggers, testified this week before the Michigan Legislature on the need for a Forensic Commission to oversee the state’s crime labs. Watkins and Siggers, who were wrongfully convicted of murder and spent 42 and 34 years behind bars before being exonerated, gave testimony to highlight the flaws in forensic science that contributed to their convictions. Siggers also appeared on a WDIV (Ch. 4 – Detroit) news story on November 26 that highlighted the success of the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office’s Conviction Integrity Unit, led by Valerie Newman.

Attorney Wolf Mueller also spoke before the Michigan House of Representatives’ Law and Justice Committee on November 28 in support of two bills extending relating to the Wrongful Imprisonment Compensation Act. The bills, in part, provided for a notice requirement to the State of Michigan of 12 months, instead of the 6-month requirement set forth in the general Court of Claims Act. Under a decision by now-retired Court of Claims judge Michael Talbot, many deserving exonerees had their cases extinguished, which is currently under appeal in the Court of Appeals.