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The Mueller law Firm is honored to have been retained by Louis Wright to seek justice after the 65-year old man’s 1988 criminal sexual conduct conviction was dismissed on November 9, 2023. Mr. Wright, now 65, served 35 years in prison for the rape of a young girl he did not commit. A decade long effort by the WMU-Cooley Innocence Project and the work of the Michigan Attorney General Office’s Conviction Integrity Unit led to previously untested evidence from the victim’s rape kit was analyzed. DNA testing by Michigan State Police forensic analysts excluded Mr. Wright as the source of the male DNA. The original police detective for the City of Albion Police Department also reported that boot prints found outside the girl’s home were “identical” to the boots worn by Mr. Wright. But MSP testing one week after the crime concluded that the plaster casts made of the perpetrator’s boot prints “could not have been made by [Mr. Wright’s] boots.”

The lead detective claimed that Mr. Wright confessed to the crime, providing details that only the perpetrator would have known. But the “confession was not recorded, and there was no signed or even written confession. Simply the detective’s report of what he claimed Mr. Wright admitted. Given the DNA testing excluding Mr. Wright, he could not have known any of the details of the crime, a crime committed by a single perpetrator.
The Mueller Law Firm will seek compensation for Mr. Wright under Michigan’s Wrongful imprisonment Compensation Act (WICA) that provides $50,000 for each year of wrongful incarceration. We will also seek to hold accountable those who framed Mr. Wright and caused this terrible injustice.
See the attached link for the Press Release from the Michigan Ag’s Office. A tremendous “thank you” to the Cooley IP and the MI AG Office CIU for their relentless effort to give back Mr. Wright’s freedom!

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