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Three Vape Defects That Can Lead To Serious Injuries

You started vaping because it seemed like a safer alternative to smoking. Unfortunately, many of these devices are defective and can cause serious injuries to users when they explode or catch on fire. Most e-cigarette batteries are made in China, where manufacturers do not always follow safety regulations. The products may be defective for several reasons, including the design, the manufacturing or the marketing of the device.

If you or a loved one was injured while using a vape pen, you should discuss the possible reason for the defect with an experienced product liability attorney. At Mueller Law Firm, we are leaders in the legal charge against e-cigarette manufacturers and distributors that are selling defective products that injure people in Michigan and across the country.

The Three Primary Types Of Defects

Defective products may have many problems causing the defect that injures users. The same is true for e-cigarettes. Defects generally fall into three major categories:

  1. Manufacturing defects: These occur on the assembly line when the vape is being constructed. It could be a minor mistake or a recurring error that leads to recalls. Many of these devices are manufactured in China, which does not always enforce safety standards. For example, many of these explosions happen because the separator between the anode and cathode fails and the two make contact.
  2. Design defects: This goes to the actual design of the product before it is constructed. Design faults make the product inherently dangerous, even when manufactured and used correctly. For example, when the battery comes into contact with other metal, like change in a pocket, it may overheat, rupturing the seal at the top of the battery. The battery then explodes.
  3. Marketing defects: These happen after the production of the product and relate to inadequate warning labels, bad instructions or improper labeling. For example, the labeling may fail to warn about the risk of fire and explosions. If the retailer knows this information and fails to warn customers, the retailer may also be liable.

Any of these types of defects, or even all of them, may have occurred with the vape pen that caused your injury. At Mueller Law Firm, we know how to investigate the problem with your device and pursue damages for your injuries.

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