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Faulty Batteries Put Users At Significant Risk

Using e-cigarettes, or “vaping,” continues to grow in popularity across the country as an alternative to smoking. Unfortunately, batteries for these devices have a risk of exploding, injuring users and the people around them. These explosions have increased with the use of vaping products over the past decade.

At Mueller Law Firm, we focus much of our product liability practice on these dangerous products. Lead attorney Wolfgang Mueller has an engineering degree, as well as 25 years of experience working in product liability law. We are available to assist clients across Michigan and throughout the Midwest with lithium battery cases.

What Causes Lithium Batteries To Explode?

When a battery releases lithium in small amounts, it works great to power your devices. When released all at once, however, a battery explosion may occur. The lithium batteries in vaping devices are different from, and more dangerous than, lithium batteries in laptop computers. These small batteries are designed as a cylinder. The problem occurs in the battery’s circuiting. A plastic piece separates the anode and cathode, but this plastic piece often fails, allowing the anode and cathode to make contact. When they touch, the battery overheats.

In addition, coins or other metal in a pocket or purse can come into contact with a battery and cause the electrolyte within the battery to heat past its boiling point. This is called “thermal runaway.” The pressure ruptures the seal at the top of the cylindrical battery, venting the super-heated electrolytes.

To make matters worse, the solution inside lithium-ion batteries is extremely flammable. The heat makes the solution explode, creating a small “flaming rocket” that can shoot across a room. If you happen to have this in your pocket or near your face, you could suffer severe burns, tissue damage or loss, and chemical burns.

Multiple Causes For Battery Failure

When you use a product for its intended purpose, you should not have to fear injury. Unfortunately, several situations can cause a lithium ion battery to fail. The most common causes for this failure include:

  • Bad design
  • Manufacturing defects
  • External factors such as dropping or crushing the battery
  • Problems with the charger

Whatever the reason for the failure, the results are all too common. If this happened to you, Mueller Law Firm has the experience and knowledge to help you recover the damages you deserve.

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