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5 steps to avoid an e-cigarette explosion

5 steps to avoid an e-cigarette explosion

It’s a sad reality that many vape devices simply aren’t safe. However, most devices can be kept safer by following the manufacturer’s directions and by knowing a few helpful tips for using vapes safely.

Vaping devices may malfunction more often in certain situations. These include when the e-cigarette:

  • Gets wet
  • Is kept in a pocket
  • Is overcharged or charged incorrectly
  • Has exposed batteries that are in contact with metal

The fortunate thing is that you can take a few steps to avoid injuries caused by vaping devices. Here are five tips to help you stay safer when you use this product.

1. Don’t put your vape in your pocket

It’s not safe to keep your vaping device in your pocket. First, if it does happen to explode, it’s pressed against your skin when it’s in a pocket. That’s dangerous, so it’s better to keep it in a purse or external bag. Second, if your device’s battery comes into contact with metal, there’s a higher risk of an explosion.

2. Replace your batteries if they get wet

Don’t risk short circuiting your device, which could lead to a shock. Instead, make sure to replace the device’s batteries if they get wet. If they can’t be replaced, reach out to the manufacturer about getting a replacement device or having your device repaired.

3. Never charge an e-cigarette overnight

When e-cigarettes are overcharged, there is a risk that they could malfunction and explode. Always charge the device when you’re awake, so you can take it off the charger once full.

4. Only use the correct charger

Another tip is only to use the charger that came with the device. Using others could be a problem, especially if they provide too much, or too little, energy to the device.

5. Only use manufacturer-approved replacement parts

While you might find cheaper parts, there’s no guarantee that they’ll work safely. Buy manufacturer-approved and device-approved parts, so you know that you won’t mismatch parts.

These are five tips that could prevent you from getting hurt as a result of your e-cigarette exploding. These devices are small, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t cause you significant injuries. They have a potential to overheat, explode and shock users, so you must do all you can to use them in line with the manufacturer’s directions. If you don’t, you could find yourself heading to the hospital with injuries.