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Will My Insurance Cover A Vape Explosion?

Vaping comes with health risks that takes a toll on your heart and lungs. Even though this is a new area of illness, some treatment methods are proving useful. Despite this, vaping can cause another type of injury that is extremely difficult to recover from: burns from fire and explosions. The lithium ion batteries in a vape pen have the potential to explode or catch fire, dealing massive damage to anything around it.

Here at the Mueller Law Firm, we want to stress the damage that a vape pen explosion can cause, and how difficult and long it can be to recover from the injuries. While the medical portion is likely to be covered by your own insurance, the property damage to the surrounding area is another story. Our firm is at the forefront of fighting for victims of vape pen explosions nationwide and getting them the compensation they deserve.

What Can You Do To Recover From Property Damage After An Explosion?

When a vape explodes, it is not always in the form of a quick burst. In some cases, an overheated or punctured battery can emit a lasting spray of fire. If a vape is unattended when this happens, it can cause anything in the immediate area to catch fire, destroying cars and homes. When this happens, the home or car insurance carrier may try to avoid compensating for damages by saying the explosion was a result of user error.

Insurance policies are lengthy and confusing by design. It can be nearly impossible to know how your insurance will respond, and it is even possible for your insurance agent to misunderstand your policy. Our Michigan legal team located in Novi can help you pursue the coverage you deserve from your insurance. If your insurer is not liable for your damages, we can help you pursue compensation from the party who is liable for your damages.

Seek The Compensation You Need After A Vape Pen Explosion

If you have suffered from a vape pen explosion, you may have your medical costs accounted for, but the property damage is a different matter. Contact us by calling 248-489-WOLF (9653) or by filling out our online form. Schedule your free initial consultation to see what we can do for you.

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