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Injured By An Exploding E-Cigarette Battery? Fight For Compensation.

You started vaping because you thought it was safer than smoking cigarettes. But the lithium battery in your e-cigarette or vaping device exploded, leaving you injured, traumatized and burdened with expensive medical bills.

You deserve compensation for your damages, including medical treatment, lost wages, and pain and suffering. To guide you in this process, trust Mueller Law Firm. Our firm has skillfully helped people in Michigan and the Midwest who have been injured by defective e-cigarette batteries. We will fight tirelessly for you, striving for the maximum compensation available.

Hold The Manufacturer Or Retailer Accountable

Generally, there are two parties that can be held accountable for injuries from defective e-cigarette batteries: the manufacturers that make the batteries and the retailers that sell them.

The manufacturers of e-cigarette batteries have the option to create their batteries with or without protective circuitry. Protective circuitry can prevent dangerous explosions; without this technology, the electrolytes in lithium e-cigarette batteries may overheat and catch fire, a condition known as “thermal runaway.” However, many manufacturers choose not to include this circuitry. They continue to manufacture batteries that they know are dangerous.

Bad battery retailers in Michigan also have a duty to warn customers about the hazards of lithium battery explosions. If a vape shop or other retailer neglects to educate and warn their customers, they may also be liable for injuries caused by the batteries they sell.

We Are Leaders In E-Cigarette Battery Litigation

Mueller Law Firm has a reputation as a leading law firm for lawsuits involving e-cigarette lithium batteries. Our founding attorney, Wolfgang Mueller, has extensive scientific knowledge from his past as an engineer. As a result, our legal team leverages carefully researched scientific evidence and analysis to construct a persuasive strategy for your case. We never settle for the first offer of settlement — instead, we fight for as much compensation as possible.

No one should have to experience an e-cigarette battery exploding in their face or on their person. Let our experienced lawyers help you — schedule your free consultation today. Call our office in Novi at 248-489-WOLF (9653), or use our online form.