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Fighting against wrongful conviction can be challenging

Imagine going to prison for a crime you didn't commit. While many people in prison claim this happened to them, there are some cases in which the person actually didn't commit the crime and was convicted wrongfully. As you can imagine, this is a very traumatic situation to face.

There are many effects that this situation can have on the person who is behind bars. The emotional impacts of having to spend years in prison can have a negative impact on the person's life. Unfortunately, we can't take the mental trauma away. Instead, we can help you to seek compensation for the wrongful conviction.

High number of food recalls strike fear in consumers

The news of many food recalls is leaving people scrambling wondering if they are going to ingest something that might harm them. In recent days, there have been recalls of items due to concerns of salmonella. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning consumers that more of these are likely going to be forthcoming in the upcoming days due to the source of potential contamination. In these cases, the recalls are being done out of an abundance of caution, but the situation is still scary nonetheless.

Another recall recently was due to a botulism concern. The product is a Taco Bell branded cheese dip that was sold to consumers in stores. The risk of botulism is serious because of the risk of death that occurs with this illness. The symptoms can appear as soon as six hours after exposure or up to 10 days after; however, the majority occur in the 10- to 36-hour window. Another reason this one is scary is that there aren't any warning signs that the product might be contaminated. It will look and smell just fine.

Section 1983 applies to police officers and jailers alike

Many people haven't ever heard of a Section 1983 lawsuit until they have to launch one themselves or know someone who files one. This is a section of the law that sets standards for filing a lawsuit for police misconduct. There are some very important points in this area of the law that anyone who has been or currently is in police custody.

This law was originally meant to help protect African Americans from police mistreatment, but this isn't a limiting factor. In fact, this statute is much broader than what many will realize.

Wrongfully convicted people face an uphill battle upon release

The issue of people being wrongfully convicted should be viewed as a gross injustice and failure of the criminal justice system. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. Individuals who have been wrongfully convicted are likely going to face an uphill battle when they are released, partly because society tends to hear "incarcerated" and shut down. Many people aren't interested in the fact these people were behind bars for crimes they didn't commit. Instead, they only care that they were locked up.

The challenges that these wrongfully convicted individuals face vary considerably. Overcoming them can often be a stressful and time consuming experience, but the alternative is for the individual to sit around and not try to enjoy life at all.

Warnings on products must be present and adequate

Products with known dangers should be sold with instructions that contain warnings. Even something as simple as the small building blocks that hurt when you step on them should have a choking warning on them. But, what happens when these warnings aren't present or appropriate?

There is an area of product liability known as defects in warnings. This helps to protect people who are injured when a product is manufactured and designed properly, but suffer an injury due to a lack of proper warnings about the dangers.

Car wreck cases must be handled carefully

Car wrecks can make a person's life change considerably, especially if there are catastrophic injuries. It is easy to see how things like brain or spinal cord injuries might make life very difficult.

These conditions often come with a need for intensive medical care that can include time in the hospital, the need for many doctor visits and visits for different kinds of therapy. All of this can be very costly and time-consuming. There are other expenses too, like lost wages.

Manufacturing defects can sometimes be very serious

Products that make it to store shelves or showrooms should be safe for consumers to use as intended. There are instances in which even the safest concept might not be as free from harm as what you might think. In some cases, defects in manufacturing might present hazards to consumers that nobody is aware of.

There are numerous things that might happen during the manufacturing process that could make products unsafe. Even when foodstuffs are being processed, safety hazards might occur. To wit, consider all of the food recalls recently due to bits of metal or bacteria in the food -- problems that happened during manufacturing and processing.

Excessive force claims can take time and effort to sort through

Claims of police brutality make the news often. When this happens the question of what is appropriate use of force will come up. There are a lot of different factors that come into the picture when trying to determine what type of force is suitable for a situation. It isn't always easy to determine and you can't judge one case by what happened in another case unless they are exactly the same.

When you have any interactions with the police department, you need to make sure that you are paying close attention to what is happening. This includes anything from a traffic stop to them serving a warrant.

The country is now in the 100 deadliest days of the year

Memorial Day has come and gone, which means that the country has entered the 100 deadliest days of the year for teen drivers. It is easy to see why this period from now through Labor Day is so deadly -- teens are out of school and spending more time behind the wheel. Still, this is a perfect time for parents to have safety talks with their young drivers. It is also a good idea for others on the road to ensure they are driving safely.

One of the biggest issues that teen drivers face is that they are easily distracted. Cellphones are one of the biggest distractions that they face. Approximately 58.5 percent of fatal crashes have to do with driver distractions. Around 15 percent involve talking to other vehicle occupants, 12 percent are due to cellphones and 11 percent are dealing with something or looking at something in the car.

Know your rights related to body cavity searches

When you watch television shows or movies that have to do with criminal actions, you might see the police inform the person that they are going to do a body cavity search. These searches are intrusive and embarrassing. Even though there is a constitutional right to not have to undergo unreasonable searches, there are some instances in which the law views this type as necessary.

It is important that anyone who might come into contact with police officers know when body cavity searches are permissible. There is a chance that police officers might try to do one even when they shouldn't do so. This might be a violation of your civil rights.


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