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Two Mueller Law Firm clients, Ledura Watkins and Darrell Siggers, testified this week before the Michigan Legislature on the need for a Forensic Commission to oversee the state's crime labs. Watkins and Siggers, who were wrongfully convicted of murder and spent 42 and 34 years behind bars before being exonerated, gave testimony to highlight the flaws in forensic science that contributed to their convictions. Siggers also appeared on a WDIV (Ch. 4 - Detroit) news story on November 26 that highlighted the success of the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office's Conviction Integrity Unit, led by Valerie Newman.

E-cigarettes: A danger to your safety and health

When E-cigarettes were first placed on the market, they seemed like the perfect solution for addiction to cigarettes. They claimed to be healthier and better for those who needed to feed a nicotine addiction without the risks of cigarettes.

The problem is that these new devices were dangerous, but people didn't know yet. They are just as addictive as normal cigarettes. The devices have nicotine and flavoring inside, but fewer of the toxins found in cigarettes.

New unit in Wayne County reviewing convictions

This year, a new unit was started in the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office aimed at catching incorrect convictions.

This unit is the Wayne County Conviction Integrity Unit. It started up in January. The unit reviews convictions in which claims of innocence have been made. It reviews all aspects of a case to see if there is evidence indicating the conviction was incorrect.

Injuries around e-cigarettes are being under reported

E-cigarette explosion and burn injuries may happen more frequently than people expect.

A new study shows that e-cigarette injuries have been inaccurately reported for years. It turns out exploding batteries from these devices are more common than previously thought.

Excessive force complaints must be taken seriously

One protection that everyone has in this country is the right to not have to endure cruel and unusual punishment. This is provided by the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution. While there is some question about exactly what constitutes this forbidden punishment, there are some rulings and cases that shed some light on what shouldn't happen.

Police officers are held to a high standard when they are on duty. There are limits to what types of force officers can use when dealing with people. For example, a cop can't take his gun off his belt and hit you across the face just because you don't want to give a confession. Other situations are also covered.

Vaping device explosions may lead to a product liability lawsuit

Electronic cigarettes have become very popular since they were introduced to the public. While these are preferred to regular cigarettes by many, they aren't a completely safe option. You have to consider the composition of the cartridges with the liquid you will vape. You also need to look at the design of the device to find even more potential hazards.

When you purchase a vaping device, you assume that the manufacturer put a safe product out. This might not be the case. In the news in recent years, there have been many reports of these devices exploding. You can think of these explosions in the same manner as that of fireworks. You wouldn't knowingly hold a firework that you know will explode in your hand. You certainly wouldn't put it in your mouth. Yet, this is possible when you have an e-cig.

Electronic cigarette explosions can lead to serious injuries

When they first came on the market, electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, were touted as a safer alternative to regular cigarettes. Unfortunately, this seems to have led some individuals to believing that there weren't any risks with these devices.

To recognize one of the biggest hazards that come with these vaping devices, you don't even have to delve into the ingredients in the cartridges. You only need to know how they operate--or, in some cases, how they don't operate correctly. Here are a few important points about e-cigs that every consumer should know:

Use care near construction zones while projects are completed

As companies try to wrap up road construction projects before the first snowfall, drivers in the Detroit area need to be careful when they approach these zones. Some drivers aren't going to be safe when they come upon them. Whether they are distracted, drunk or just driving recklessly, they can cause serious accidents. These might result in injuries that last a lifetime, such as those to the spinal cord or brain.

As you can imagine, getting into an accident now could mean that you are going to spend the entire winter trying to make it through the snow to make it to doctor appointments. This is a difficult prospect in the Motor City.

Racial profiling is more than an inconvenience

News stories are coming out on a regular basis that show people of color being profiled just because of their race. The stories of "Barbecue Becky" and "Poolside Patty" are just two examples of the many innocent situations that have led to people calling the police on individuals based on their race.

Unfortunately, racial profiling isn't something that only the general public is guilty of. Police officers and even private security guards sometimes have a tendency to harass people of color without any lawful basis. These individuals have to deal with interrogations, searches or detentions that are illegal, which is frightening and embarrassing.

Impaired driving signs signal dangerous conditions on the road

Many drivers know that they should be on the lookout for other drivers who appear to be drunk. What you might not realize is that this isn't the only form of impairment you need to be aware of. Some drivers are high on drugs or too tired when they get behind the wheel. They might exhibit signs of impairment.

Here are some signs that you need to watch for if you are on the road:

  • Driving slower than the speed limit
  • Accelerating rapidly
  • Almost hitting objects
  • Braking suddenly and without reason
  • Straddling the center line
  • Weaving or drifting
  • Not using headlight from dusk to dawn
  • Leaning forward abnormally
  • Turning suddenly or using a wide radius
  • Tailgating other vehicles
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