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Results And Verdicts

$4,350,000 dram shop settlement for a woman who suffered a brain injury when a drunk driver crossed the highway and crashed head-on into her vehicle. The defendant restaurant served the drunk driver while she was visibly intoxicated.

$3,956,000 verdict for a pedestrian who suffered shoulder and neck injuries when he was struck by a pickup truck as the client walked across a parking lot to his car. The injured client, a 60-year-old construction worker, was unable to return to work as a concrete contractor.

$3,750,000 settlement for a woman who was paralyzed in a head-on crash when her seat belt failed to restrain her.

$3,150,000 wrongful conviction settlement for two men who were wrongfully imprisoned for a total of 16 years for shooting and paralyzing another man. The defendant police officers concealed evidence that the shooting victim initially could not identify who shot him, contrary to the victim’s later testimony.

$2,500,000 dram shop verdict against a topless bar that served the customer an entire tray of “test tube” shots, then had the valet parking service bring up his car when the manager found him passed out in his own vomit at his table. The drunk driver later careened off eight cars before rear-ending the client’s car at 70 mph, killing the client.

$2,000,000 wrongful conviction settlement for a man who was wrongfully imprisoned for 10 years for the murder of a drug dealer. Evidence revealed that the investigating police officer concealed a memo that showed the murder was orchestrated by a local drug lord and was the first in a series of three murders involving the drug lord, and that the client was not involved.

$1,600,000 product liability settlement for an ambulance worker who suffered a below-knee leg amputation when the door latch on the ambulance he was driving failed after the ambulance was involved in an accident, causing the client to be partially ejected. The defendant automobile dealer had negligently repaired the door system after the ambulance had been in another accident months earlier.

$1,225,000 construction accident settlement for a laborer who suffered career-ending shoulder injuries when he fell 10 feet through an unguarded door opening during construction of a luxury townhouse building.

$697,000 product liability settlement for a woman who suffered a fractured hip when the wheel on the walker she was using fell off, causing her to fall.

$497,500 automobile negligence settlement for a husband and wife who suffered back and leg injuries when a young man made an illegal U-turn in front of their motorcycle.

$400,000 excessive force settlement for a man who was shot in the abdomen by Detroit Police Department officers when he stepped into the foyer of a nightclub following a shooting. The client, a doorman for the bar, was unarmed and not involved in the earlier shooting.

$300,000 arbitration award for a man who was falsely arrested for the armed robbery of a Family Dollar store in Detroit. The man served 15 days in Wayne County jail before being freed when the police realized he was not the robber. The client had the same name as the robbery suspect but was 20 years older than the described robber. The police entered the 43-year-old man’s home in St. Clair Shores without a warrant and arrested him in front of his family. The police had earlier learned that the robbery suspect with the same name lived one mile from the Family Dollar store.

$300,000 consumer product liability settlement for a 79-year-old woman who suffered a fractured femur when the barstool upon which she was sitting broke as she was making jewelry in her basement, causing her to fall to the ground. The barstool, manufactured in Malaysia, used dabs of glue, instead of screws, to hold the seat to the frame of the stool.