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You Deserve Justice After A Wrongful Conviction

The justice system should protect people. It should be fair and balanced. It should put guilty people in jail and set innocent people free. But you spent time behind bars for a crime you did not commit. You lost years of your life, your loved ones suffered and you came face to face with the painful realization that our justice system does not always do what it should. There have been:


*All data courtesy of The National Registry of Exonerations

Right now, you may feel that you have no voice. But when you have a tough legal team on your side, you can have more than a voice: You can have the rights and compensation that you deserve. Mueller Law Firm has over 25 years of experience helping wrongfully convicted clients in the greater Detroit area. Our compassion motivates us to fight for the underdogs mistreated by the criminal justice system.

23,000+ Years Total-Time-Lost-Due-To-Wrongful-Convictions-Since-1989

*All data courtesy of The National Registry of Exonerations

We work on wrongful conviction cases involving:

We Have The Experience You Need On Your Side

Our Michigan law firm’s founding attorney, Wolfgang Mueller, has valuable insight regarding wrongful convictions. As a former engineer, he has the scientific background to rigorously analyze forensic evidence to determine whether it was properly analyzed.

In addition, he has represented numerous clients exonerated by the University of Michigan Innocence Clinic and the Cooley Innocence Project at Western Michigan University. He understands the best strategies for filing a successful lawsuit and receiving the compensation you deserve.


*All data courtesy of The National Registry of Exonerations

The Most Common Contributing Factors Of Wrongful Convictions Are:

  1. Perjury or False Accusation
  2. Official Misconduct
  3. Wrong ID By Witness
  4. False/Misleading Evidence
  5. False Confession

Fight For Your Rights. Fight For Compensation.

While you cannot recover your time spent behind bars, you may fight for monetary compensation for your numerous damages. Civil lawsuits are a crucial tool not only for obtaining financial compensation, but also for holding the police and government accountable for their actions. The legal system was once against you, but you can regain control and work with a lawyer to seek justice and prevent future miscarriages of justice.

The sooner you act, the sooner we can work on your case. Contact Mueller Law Firm in Novi for a free consultation by calling 248-489-WOLF (9653). Or, contact our firm online.