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Bad Firearms Evidence Should Not Put Innocent People In Jail

Forensic science is not always accurate. Many forensic techniques are based on questionable science — for example, firearms identification and ballistics testing.

If shoddy techniques regarding firearms identification and ballistics wrongly put you in prisonMueller Law Firm can represent you. For over 25 years, our firm has helped wrongly convicted clients recover financial compensation for their damages so they can rebuild their lives. Our dedicated legal team can help you receive compensation for pain and suffering, lost time, and other damages.

How One Lab Issued Thousands Of Wrong Results

Our state has its own horrifying example of shoddy ballistics testing. In 2008, the Detroit Police Department shut down its crime lab after a Michigan State Police audit discovered an astounding 10 percent error rate in firearms identification. Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy has stated: “This audit has revealed a shocking level of incompetence within the Detroit police firearms (lab) so severe as to demonstrate a systemic problem in all disciplines within the crime lab … As prosecutors, we completely rely on the findings of police crime lab experts every day in court, and we present this information to our juries, and when there are failures of this magnitude, there is a complete betrayal of trust. We feel betrayed, as prosecutors.”

Some of the shoddy work was due to incompetence, some to negligence and some test results were deliberately fabricated or falsified. These flawed results have led to countless wrongful convictions.

We Use Good Science To Fight Bad Science

At Mueller Law Firm, our founding attorney, Wolfgang Mueller, has a background in engineering. He is the rare lawyer who has a scientist’s understanding of research and proper forensic analysis. He understands the scientific processes behind firearms identification, blood spatter, fire science and other forensic disciplines. He knows how to discover whether this testing was inaccurate. Then, combining his knowledge of science with his experience as an attorney, he builds a case designed to win maximum compensation.

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