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We Can Get Expert Witnesses On Your Side

When the state convicted you of a crime that you did not commit, you felt as if the entire world was against you: the Michigan court system, the police, the prosecution, the media and even perhaps some people in your own life whom you thought cared about you. Now you are out of prison, and you need as many allies on your side as you can get.

This is where we come in. We are Mueller Law Firm, a Michigan-based firm that helps people throughout the Midwest who were wrongly convicted. By filing civil lawsuits, we can hold the parties that put you in jail accountable for their actions and obtain monetary compensation for your damages. A lawsuit can also help prevent future abuse by shining a spotlight on police misconduct. One tool we use effectively in our wrongful conviction cases is expert testimony — we find experts in forensic science, law, false convictions and other relevant areas who can testify before a court and help strengthen your case.

Why Use Expert Witnesses?

Expert witnesses play a crucial role in the courtroom. Perhaps at your first trial or your subsequent appeals, an expert witness testified against you, using inaccurate scientific evidence to persuade the court of your guilt. However, the use of experts can also work in your favor.

These experts can help judges and juries understand complex information. They can construct a cohesive story that the court will understand. And when an expert testifies for us, their knowledge and acclaim can give credibility to our side of the case.

Learn More About Expert Testimony

To build a successful case for compensation, you need as much evidence as possible. You can rely on our lawyers and expert witnesses to position your case for maximum results.

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