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Protect Your Children From Vape Companies

Our children are precious. They can also be foolish. They take risks that we know could harm them, but they think they are safe. Vaping is a perfect example of young people thinking they understand the risks they are taking, but grossly underestimating the danger they are in.

Vaping companies have targeted children with flavored oils, and now adolescents are the fastest-growing group of vape users. The numbers should alarm any parent. To make matters worse, young people seem particularly vulnerable to the types of lung illnesses now associated with vaping.

The legal team at the Mueller Law Firm is determined to hold the vaping companies accountable for the damage their products are doing to our children. If your child has been injured by an exploding vape pen or become ill from vaping, we are here to fight for the compensation your child deserves. We serve clients nationwide from our office in Novi, Michigan.

Children Are Not Immune From Lung Damage

When we think about lung disease associated with cigarettes, we do not often think of children. Lung problems from smoking are severe and life-threatening but take time to manifest. One of the most troubling aspects of vaping-related illness is how quickly users fall ill. Sometimes it happens in a matter of a few months. In addition, children who vape are more likely to begin smoking cigarettes. Teenagers have even been among those who have died from vaping illnesses.

In addition to illnesses, our children are at risk for severe injuries due to burns and explosions. The batteries in these devices can catch fire or explode unexpectedly. Teens have started fires in their cars while trying to charge their vaping devices. Their clothes have caught fire from a vape pen or an extra battery in their pocket. Some have suffered damage to their face, hands or legs. If a defective device has injured your child, talk to us right away about holding the company liable for your damages.

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