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Were You Injured By An Exploding E-Cigarette Battery?

E-cigarettes can pose a danger far more immediate than nicotine. Few consumers know this, but the lithium batteries in e-cigarettes can suffer electrical shorts and explode, causing serious injury to anyone in the vicinity. E-cigarette users have reported battery explosions occurring during vaping, while stored in their pockets, and while plugged in and recharging.

Fortunately, consumers do have legal recourse after suffering injuries from these sudden explosions. Wolfgang Mueller is an experienced attorney who has helped people throughout Michigan who have suffered e-cigarette injuries, vape pen injuries and battery failure injuries. Our legal team is here for you. The fear that you felt when your e-cigarette battery exploded does not have to control your life. We can help you obtain compensation and begin the path to recovery.

What To Know About E-Cigarette Battery Explosions

Who Is Liable For Defective Batteries?

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