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Can My Health Insurer Drop Me If I Develop A Vape-Related Illness?

Your health insurer may offer discounts for certain healthy habits, such as not smoking. Some people have found out the hard way that if they misrepresent on their insurance forms, the insurer could drop them later when they develop a smoking-related illness, such as a lung disease.

If you say you are a nonsmoker, however, what does that mean? People who vape are facing a difficult issue regarding their health insurance coverage now that doctors are linking vaping to serious lung illnesses. At Mueller Law Firm, we are fighting to protect those injured by the vaping industry. If you or a loved one develops a lung illness from vaping, talk to us. Though our Michigan office is located in Novi, we serve clients nationwide.

Insurance Companies Look At The Bottom Line

Insurance companies are always looking to make money, and to do that, they must find ways to deny coverage of claims. They also want to drop coverage for people likely to make claims due to serious illnesses. Smoking is a well-known risk factor for many kinds of illnesses, but now vaping may also be considered a risk factor.

If you listed yourself as a nonsmoker for your insurance coverage and, therefore, received a discount, your insurance company may try to deny coverage if you develop a lung illness of some sort. The obvious argument against this is that consumers had no knowledge that vaping could cause these lung illnesses until recently. Our firm can review your policy documents to determine your coverage limitations and fight for the coverage you deserve.

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