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Can E-Cigarette Batteries Cause Your Clothes to Catch on Fire?

In many cases, the answer is “Yes.” Exploding e-cigarette batteries can also cause burns that require skin graft and leave terrible scars. E-cigarette batteries are exploding in customers’ pockets and causing horrific third-degree burns. A quick YouTube search shows many of these explosions caught on video. The batteries can short circuit when they come into contact with metal, such as keys, coins, etc. Many of these batteries are of poor quality and made in China. Major e-cigarette battery makers, LG and Sony, have now written to distributors and telling them that 18650 batteries were never intended for e-cigs and should not be sold to individual consumers. Retail stores must stop selling them and should do a much better job of educating customers on the hazards associated with the products they sell.
We would like to thank John Wisely and the Detroit Free Press for shining light on two of our e-cigarette battery cases.

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