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Attention might prevent dog bites this summer

Attention might prevent dog bites this summer

The summer time weather calls Michigan residents outside since many people have been cooped up in the house all winter. This is true for pets who enjoy the outdoors, as well as humans. More dogs out means that there is more of a chance that people will be bitten by a dog, especially if they don’t take steps to prevent the attacks.

First, don’t walk up on a strange dog. This is true whether the dog seems friendly or not. Even dogs that are usually friendly can bite if they are nervous or unsure of what is going on.

Second, watch for signs that a dog is nervous or upset. A dog that is fidgeting, yawning, pacing or shaking is likely not feeling up to par. A dog that is obviously injured is also more likely to bite.

Third, try to stay away from a dog’s domain and possessions. This includes the dog’s yard, food, water and house. In Michigan, dogs are required to be restrained when in public. This means that you shouldn’t encounter a person’s dog on the sidewalk unless the dog is on a leash.

If something does happen and you are bitten, you should seek medical care and contact Detroit Animal Care and Control. In Michigan, all pet dogs are required to be registered and wearing a registration tag. If the dog does have a state registration tag, the dog’s owner has provided proof of a rabies vaccination to get the tag. Knowing this can be important if you suffer from a bite wound.

You might opt to seek compensation for the injuries you suffered. This is done by filing a civil claim against the animal’s owner and any applicable insurance carriers.

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