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E-cigarettes: A danger to your safety and health

E-cigarettes: A danger to your safety and health

When E-cigarettes were first placed on the market, they seemed like the perfect solution for addiction to cigarettes. They claimed to be healthier and better for those who needed to feed a nicotine addiction without the risks of cigarettes.

The problem is that these new devices were dangerous, but people didn’t know yet. They are just as addictive as normal cigarettes. The devices have nicotine and flavoring inside, but fewer of the toxins found in cigarettes.

What harm can E-cigarettes cause to the body?

E-cigarettes are known to cause ultrafine particles to enter deep into the lungs. Diacetyl, a flavoring, is a chemical linked to lung disease. There are also heavy metals used in the mixtures including nickel, tin and lead.

For young people who choose to smoke, adolescence is a bad time to start. The brain is not yet fully developed. Nicotine exposure causes addiction in some people and can harm the brain as it grows.

E-cigarettes also have the potential to explode, which has been realized only in the last few years. They can cause burns, fractured bones, broken teeth, blindness and even death.

Typically, it’s the battery that explodes. Most often, it’s due to using the wrong charger or wrong batteries for the device. Faulty batteries, and a lack of information with charging limits for these batteries, make it more likely for them to explode and harm the person while charging or using the cigarette.

How common are E-cigarettes among youth?

They are fairly common. In 2015, for instance, one out of six students in high school reported using an E-cigarette in the last month. While not all teenagers use them regularly, any use can cause harm to the body.

How can you prevent explosions involving E-cigarettes?

You can help prevent explosions by using the right batteries and chargers for the device. Use quality vaping accessories with a well-known manufacturer. Cheap, low-quality gear is more likely to explode than the higher-end devices.

Another thing to avoid is sleeping or leaving with the device charging. You don’t want to overcharge it, since it could overheat and explode. Additionally, don’t move around with the E-cigarette in your pocket. If the device comes into contact with other metals, it could short circuit and explode.

With E-cigarettes, the risks are very real. They can cause harm to your health through exposure to the vapors or due to a defective device.