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Electric bike motor kits recalled due to hazardous issue

Electric bike motor kits recalled due to hazardous issue

Counting on manufacturers to keep you safe these days seems like a hazard for most people if you think about the number of recalls that are coming to light recently. One of these is electric bike motor controller circuit boards. Hill Topper Electric Bike Kits with model numbers KT24WSH-BF08 or KT36WSH-BFZ13504 are included in this recall.

This motor is meant to be used on a bicycle, which means that it might be exposed to the elements. Unfortunately, water might enter the motor controller. This can lead to the motor suddenly accelerating. Riders might become unable to control the bike when this happens.

The product at the heart of the recall was used in retrofit kits that convert traditional bicycles to motorized versions. It was manufactured in China. There were some of the motor controller circuit boards that were sold individually and not as part of the kit.

So far, there have been six reports of lost control over the bicycle due to this issue. One person received scrapes and bruises when they fell off the bike. Anyone who has this kit shouldn’t use it due to the hazard. Contact the company for a replacement part and install it before using the motor again.

While there haven’t been any reports of serious injuries, it is impossible that some might occur if people aren’t aware of this recall and continue to use the product. Anyone who is injured by this product or any other one might opt to take legal action. This might help them receive monetary compensation for the cost of medical bills and other financial damages that they have to handle due to the injuries.