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How Common are Vape Explosions?

How Common are Vape Explosions?

Do you remember when vape explosions were all over the news? You could not avoid this hot topic. Although vape explosions seemed typical at the time, they are actually infrequent. Although, that does not mean they do not happen. They do, and they can be life-threatening.

What Causes These Explosions?

The most common vape explosions are due to battery-related issues such as overheating. Here is how you can attempt to avoid these issues:

  • Make sure you read and understand the manufacturer’s recommendations for the use and care of your device. Contact the manufacturer if your vape did not come with instructions or if you have questions.
  • Only use batteries recommended for your device. Don’t mix different brands of batteries, don’t use batteries with varying levels of charge, and don’t use old and new batteries together.
  • Charge your vape on a clean, flat surface, away from anything that can easily catch fire and someplace you can see it—not a couch or pillow where it may more easily overheat or get turned on accidentally.
  • Protect your vape from extreme temperatures by not leaving it in direct sunlight or your car on a hot summer day or cold night, and do not charge it in extreme temperatures.
  • Don’t vape around flammable gasses or liquids like oxygen, propane, or gasoline.
  • Dispose of vapes and e-liquids safely to reduce dangers to human health and the environment.
  • Learn how to pack your device and batteries safely for air travel:

If you become part of the few who fall victim to vape explosions, you should be compensated for your damages. Contact our team at 248-489-WOLF (9653) so we can help you fight for the compensation you deserve.