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Know your rights related to body cavity searches

Know your rights related to body cavity searches

When you watch television shows or movies that have to do with criminal actions, you might see the police inform the person that they are going to do a body cavity search. These searches are intrusive and embarrassing. Even though there is a constitutional right to not have to undergo unreasonable searches, there are some instances in which the law views this type as necessary.

It is important that anyone who might come into contact with police officers know when body cavity searches are permissible. There is a chance that police officers might try to do one even when they shouldn’t do so. This might be a violation of your civil rights.

We know that having to deal with police officers is a hassle that can infuriate you. When you are stopped or arrested, you need to make sure that you know your rights. There are only four instances in which it is fully legal for the officers to conduct a body cavity search. These include:

  • When you are at the border
  • When you are at an airport
  • When you are incarcerated or being booked into a correctional facility
  • When you are the subject of a search warrant demanding a body cavity search

Outside of these instances, the officer shouldn’t conduct this type of invasive search. If one does, you might be able to use this information in your defense case. We can review your case and help you determine if this is possible. We will also explore other options with you so that you can decide on the direction of your case.