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Money Isn’t Everything, But It’s What Our System Provides

Money Isn’t Everything, But It’s What Our System Provides

Studies estimate that 2% – 10% of incarcerated individuals are innocent. If you have been a part of that number, you know how hard it is to watch the world continue to spin as you sit behind bars for a crime you did not commit.

The wrongfully convicted can never get their time back, but a successful lawsuit can compensate you financially to allow you to enjoy the life you have left. Additionally, collecting monetary damages after a wrongful conviction is economically responsible and symbolically validating. The justice system mistreated you, and you deserve compensation.

Getting Back On Your Feet Financially

Regardless of how much time you spend behind bars, getting back on your feet after incarceration can be challenging for various reasons.

Years of lost wages during incarceration may have significantly impacted your and your family’s financial well-being. Unfortunately, employment under these circumstances can be challenging to find. Exoneration may have released you from a criminal record, but the stigma that past imprisonment carries may still affect your reputation and employment opportunities long after you are discharged.

In addition, the emotional scars of prison time served can be long-lasting. Yet, unfortunately, the justice system consistently overlooks the mental health of the formerly incarcerated – even those who were wrongfully convicted.

Money isn’t everything, but it can significantly impact your ability to recover from this miscarriage of justice. If successful, a wrongful conviction claim may be able to financially compensate you for loss of time, liberty, and companionship; psychological damages, injuries you may have suffered during your incarceration; and economic damages.

Law Enforcement Needs To Be Held Accountable

Law enforcement and the government need to be held accountable for your false imprisonment. Wrongful convictions represent a failure of the justice system, and every criminal conviction reinforces the notion that clumsy police work or imprecise courtroom procedures are acceptable.

Every successful wrongful conviction lawsuit sets an example that hopefully causes prosecutors, law enforcement, and other legal officials to be more careful and accurate in their actions.

You are entitled to seek justice and compensation for your wrongful conviction. Consult with a criminal conviction attorney after your release to hold the government accountable and help you stabilize your financial well-being.