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Fighting for the Rights of the Wrongfully Convicted

The Michigan court system failed you.

The police failed you.

The prosecution failed you.

Your own attorney may have even failed you.

At Mueller Law Firm, we know that words ring hollow after you have suffered the fate of being wrongfully convicted of a crime you did not commit. You don’t have to listen to our words; we prove our worth through the actions we take on behalf of the wrongfully convicted in Michigan and beyond.

We Are Fierce Advocates for Our Clients

We cannot undo what has happened; nothing we do will replace the time you have lost, the experiences you have missed, or your faith in the criminal justice system. What we can do is fight like hell to obtain full compensation for the harm that has been caused by police misconduct.

At Mueller Law Firm, we devote our practice to making sure our clients are financially compensated for the damages they have suffered due to their wrongful conviction. We will fight to make sure mistakes and wrongdoing are acknowledged by the state, that you are financially compensated, and that you are positioned to make the most of your second chance at life.

We Use Expert Witnesses

Our team leaves no stone unturned when building a case for our clients. We work closely with expert witnesses such as forensic scientists, legal experts, and DNA experts to build the strongest possible case and make sure our clients’ stories are accurately told. Ensuring that judges and juries understand the complex evidence that forms the foundation of these cases is a crucial step in making sure that justice – while delayed – is ultimately served.

Make Our Approach Work for You

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