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Product liability cases must be handled carefully

Product liability cases must be handled carefully

There are some products on the market that come with certain risks. For example, most reasonable people know that using a saw improperly can result in injuries but that to make the saw completely safe would mean it couldn’t do the job it is intended to do. This is where warnings and instructions come into the picture with any product.

We know that most people don’t use things thinking that they will suffer an injury. When you are injured by a product, your first priority is likely going to be getting medical care. From there, you can determine if you want to seek compensation under product liability laws. Your case’s goal is to recover the financial losses you have due to the accident.

There are many things to consider as part of your case. One of these is why the accident happened. Typically, you can hold the manufacturer or another liable party accountable for the accident if you were using the product as intended. You might not be able to do this if you were using the product in a way that it shouldn’t be used. For example, if you are using a saw as a supporting structure in a pyramid and you get cut on the blade, you probably can’t hold the manufacturer liable.

We can review your case to help you learn about what options you have. Once you have this information, you can make a decision on how you want to proceed. Michigan law has some strict time limits that apply to these cases so make sure that you don’t wait too long after the incident to take action.