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Product liability comes in many forms

Product liability comes in many forms

Products that make their way to consumers should be safe to use. Unfortunately, there are many different things that can go wrong that make these hazardous. We know that when you are harmed, you want to know what happened, if it could have been prevented and what the responsible party is going to go do to rectify the situation.

One of the most notable is that there is a defective component in the product. These might not be found before the product makes its way to the public. The Takata air bag issue was an example of this. In some cases, the issue that comes into the picture here is that companies might try to save money on components. This can lead to lesser quality components, which can be dangerous in some cases.

Another issue that can come up in these cases is that the product has a design flaw. This means that there is something that could have been changed that wouldn’t have altered the function of the product. You might find that this is a hard aspect to prove, but with the proper tools and possibly witnesses, we should be able to bring the issues to light.

Some products don’t have adequate safety warnings. This can be another issue that might be brought up in a product liability claim. We can help you determine if this point is applicable to your claim.

As we get things ready to file, we will need to determine what types and amounts of damages you need to claim. This involves looking at those that have already been incurred and ones that might be in the future.