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Psychological Effects of Wrongful Conviction

Psychological Effects of Wrongful Conviction

Law enforcement officials are trained to get a confession, not necessarily the truth. In turn, this practice hurts many people, from the defendant themselves to society as a whole. Wrongful conviction is harmful in so many ways.

How the Defendant’s Life Changes

A prison is a dark place, not just because it is not well-lit. Inside prison doors lies a world many cannot imagine, filled with hate, sorrow, and violence. When someone is wrongfully convicted and placed inside these doors, they suffer things that were never meant for them. If the defendant is released, their battle is still not yet finished. People often suffer from mental disorders such as PTSD, anxiety, and depression when they are returned to society. Not only can they have a mental illness, but they also have trouble finding a job, housing, or financial support. These innocent people suffer a lifetime of defeat due to a wrongful conviction.

Society’s Effect

When someone is wrongfully placed into prison for a crime, the defendant is not the only one who reaps the consequences. Society does as well. For example, if someone is wrongfully convicted for a murder and put in prison, the murderer is still at large. This puts society in danger without them even knowing.

If you or a loved one has been wrongly convicted, you must stand up for yourself. But, you do not have to do it alone. Our team has extensive experience assisting those whose lives are suffering due to wrongful convictions. Contact us at Mueller Law Firm at 248-489-9653. We will make sure your voice is heard.