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Recalled deep fryers pose a serious risk to customers

Recalled deep fryers pose a serious risk to customers

Customers head to Aldi to buy food and see what items they can find in the deals section of the stores. When you do this, you’d likely assume that the items you find are safe to use. That is usually the case, but there are some exceptions to this. One recent recall highlights just how dangerous these can be.

Aldi recently let customers know about 35,000 Ambiano mini deep fryers that aren’t safe to use. These were sold for $15 at the stores, but turned out to not be such a good deal. Some have overheated to the point that they caused fires.

As of the issuance of the recall, there weren’t any injuries associated with the recalled product. There were minor property damage claims associated with the issue. This bring up an important point about kitchen appliances. They should only be used when they are going to be adequately supervised.

Customers who have one of these deep fryers, which were sold in February and March of 2018, should return it to the nearest Aldi for a full refund of the purchase price. This is one of the possible remedies that recall issuers have if the issue with the product can’t be corrected.

When there are product liability issues, there are sometimes injuries noted. In those cases, the victim might opt to pursue compensation to recover the damages they had to deal with because of the issue. This might include medical bills, but it can also include missed wages if the victim had to miss work due to the injuries.