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Signs that a dog may become aggressive and inflict harm on others

Signs that a dog may become aggressive and inflict harm on others

If you have a puppy, while it may be appropriate for you to say the he or she is simply going through a phase or that it has behavioral traits that it will, in time, grow out of, the same can’t be said about full-grown dogs. Certain behaviors may be a sign of declines in mental or physical health or that they’ve been bred or conditioned to be aggressive.

A dog’s growl often proceeds its bite. Research shows, though, that a growl can be an indicator of a dog that is easily perturbed. Pet experts note that dogs should never habitually growl as they’re eating, if they’re awakened, nudged to move, or touched. They also shouldn’t growl when their owner shakes someone else’s hand, as their nails are being trimmed, or if their toys are being touched.

If you notice a dog growling during any of these everyday activities, then you may want to keep your distance from it.

Dogs that have an inclination to bite should also be avoided. Pet safety experts note that owners shouldn’t wait for their dog to actually pierce someone else’s skin before they try to stop them from wanting to bite. They note that, often, owners wait until after their dog has actually bitten someone before they make any attempt to facilitate an intervention. It’s often an uphill battle for owners to make any leeway at this point.

Other early signs of what may eventually evolve into much more serious dog aggression includes one acting particularly possessive over a bone or toy.

Since dog’s are known as man’s best friend, any dog who seems to react poorly to being touched or starts playing too rough at times may also become aggressive. Any dog that chases pedestrians or trucks, that has an adverse reaction to disciplinary action being taken against him or her, acts territorial, or barks obsessively may end up being potentially dangerous as well.

If a canine exhibiting one of the aforementioned aggressive behaviors has injured you, a Detroit dog bites attorney can advise you of your right to sue in your case.

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