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Use care near construction zones while projects are completed

Use care near construction zones while projects are completed

As companies try to wrap up road construction projects before the first snowfall, drivers in the Detroit area need to be careful when they approach these zones. Some drivers aren’t going to be safe when they come upon them. Whether they are distracted, drunk or just driving recklessly, they can cause serious accidents. These might result in injuries that last a lifetime, such as those to the spinal cord or brain.

As you can imagine, getting into an accident now could mean that you are going to spend the entire winter trying to make it through the snow to make it to doctor appointments. This is a difficult prospect in the Motor City.

Because of the monetary impacts of catastrophic injuries, you might choose to seek compensation for the injuries. Not only can this help you to recover the financial damages that you are dealing with because of the crash. We know that this can be very difficult, but you should consider the possibility quickly.

You have three years in Michigan to file the claim for compensation after the accident. While this might seem like a long time, it isn’t. You’d be surprised by how quickly time slips by when you are trying to heal. We can work with you to find out your side of the matter so that we can determine how to proceed.

We work toward finding the best resolution for you. In some cases, this is through a settlement, but it might require a trial in other cases. We work closely with you so that we can be sure you are getting the resolution that you deserve.