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Vape pen explosion cuts carotid artery and kills man

Vape pen explosion cuts carotid artery and kills man

Vape pens or e-cigarettes have become mainstream throughout Michigan, but malfunctions of the battery-operated devices can prove fatal. A recent out-of-state case illustrates the severity of injuries that defective e-cigarettes can deliver. The explosion of a vape pen caused cerebral infarction and herniation after debris dissected a 24-year-old man’s carotid artery. He reportedly died in a hospital two days after the explosion.

His relatives told the media that medical staff placed the man in a medically induced coma. His X-rays showed that parts of the vape pen had lodged in his throat. His grandmother did not know why surgery was not attempted for him. A spokeswoman from the medical center could not provide a public comment due to health privacy laws.

The explosion happened to the victim in the parking lot of a smoke and vaping shop. The store manager said that the man had entered the business seeking help with his vape pen. The store did not carry that brand of vaping equipment, and the man did not make a purchase. The manager called an ambulance after the accident happened.

Manufacturers of e-cigarettes have a legal obligation to produce safe equipment and batteries. A person injured in a vaping pen accident might want to consult an attorney familiar with e-cigarette product liability. An attorney might determine that the equipment brand in the case was associated with other accidents. If the accident investigation suggests that defective parts or batteries caused harm, then the attorney may be able to prepare a lawsuit against the manufacturer. A pretrial settlement or jury award might compensate the person for lost pay and medical expenses.

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