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Vaping device explosions may lead to a product liability lawsuit

Vaping device explosions may lead to a product liability lawsuit

Electronic cigarettes have become very popular since they were introduced to the public. While these are preferred to regular cigarettes by many, they aren’t a completely safe option. You have to consider the composition of the cartridges with the liquid you will vape. You also need to look at the design of the device to find even more potential hazards.

When you purchase a vaping device, you assume that the manufacturer put a safe product out. This might not be the case. In the news in recent years, there have been many reports of these devices exploding. You can think of these explosions in the same manner as that of fireworks. You wouldn’t knowingly hold a firework that you know will explode in your hand. You certainly wouldn’t put it in your mouth. Yet, this is possible when you have an e-cig.

People who are injured by explosions of these devices might find that they need extensive medical care and can’t return to work right away. This will bring an influx of medical bills at a time when income is reduced or nonexistent. We know that this is a difficult position for anyone to be placed in because most people can’t spend thousands of dollars on unexpected medical bills without having to sacrifice in other areas.

If you are injured by an exploding vaping device, you might opt to pursue a legal claim for compensation. This is done through a product liability case. Remember, personal injury cases in Michigan have a three-year statute of limitations, so you should act quickly if you need to make this claim.