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Who Is Eligible for Compensation Under the Michigan Wrongful Conviction Compensation Act?

Who Is Eligible for Compensation Under the Michigan Wrongful Conviction Compensation Act?

Under Michigan law, it is possible for those wrongfully imprisoned to be compensated for their time in prison. Who is eligible for compensation under The Wrongful Conviction Compensation Act?

An Overview

The Wrongful Conviction Compensation Act was enacted in 2016 for the state of Michigan. Michigan and 38 other states have statutes to compensate wrongfully convicted people. The requirements and process look different in each state. In Michigan, one is considered eligible by the judgment of the Court of Claims.


To be eligible for compensation, the claim must be filed within three years of the date the criminal conviction was dismissed. The compensation for the new verdict can be a maximum of $50,000 per year of imprisonment.

Process and Outcomes

The process for wrongful conviction compensation isn’t quick and necessarily easy. According to The National Registry of Exonerations, around 41 percent of exonerees have been compensated nationally. Having to deal with yet another legal battle after facing wrongful prison time costs money and time. Some people don’t have the energy or money to fight the state for due compensation. If you are innocent and have the resources to open the case back up, you should. It is hard to understand all the factors of the case fully. The eligibility requirements for the case are best explained by an experienced lawyer. With the assistance of a wrongful conviction attorney, you can choose to claim deserved compensation after justice is served.


Financial compensation for those who dealt with the trauma of a wrongful conviction is helpful but not always enough. It’s the least the justice system can do for victims. Contact an attorney who focuses on wrongful convictions for more information.