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Wolf Mueller Provides Insight into Oxford School District Report on CBS Detroit

Wolf Mueller Provides Insight into Oxford School District Report on CBS Detroit

Earlier this week, attorney Wolf Mueller appeared on CBS Detroit to provide his insight regarding a nearly 600-page report that indicates that the Oxford School District could have done more to prevent the November 2021 tragedy that killed four students and left six others injured.

The Report, created by a New York-based Guidepoint Solutions, states that “in certain critical areas, individuals at every level of the district, from the Board to the Superintendent and his cabinet to the OHS administration and staff, failed to provide a safe and secure environment.”

In response to the Report, Mr. Mueller said that “an objective, independent group of investigators found that the tragedy was preventable and that the school district played a large part in this tragedy. The second part was that Oxford School District wasn’t candid and didn’t allow their own employees to be interviewed.”

The Background of the Incident

On November 30, 20201, the shooter, a sophomore, killed four students and injured six others. The shooter pleaded guilty to various charges, including terrorism and murder, and now faces life in prison without parole. In addition, state prosecutors also have charged his parents with involuntary manslaughter, arguing that they did not respond to various warning signs about their son’s mental condition. The shooter’s father bought him a gun four days before the shooting, a fact that was not mentioned to school officials after the shooter drew a disturbing image of a bleeding body that prompted a meeting with the school counselor, the student, the student’s parents, and the dean of students.

The Civil Case Against the School

Family members of the victims have filed claims against the school district. In March of 2023, a Michigan court dismissed the state case against the district, citing governmental immunity. A federal lawsuit alleging a state-created danger has been allowed to proceed, however. According to Mueller, “We always thought the constitutional, state-created danger claim was much stronger than anything in the state court. My clients are disappointed in dismissing some of the claims, but they want to hold accountable those who could have prevented this tragedy, and the judge’s opinion allows that to go forward.”

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